Municipal Elections in Saint-Paul-de-Vence

Jean Paul Faure would like to present his  « tomorrow in Saint Paul » team.

I have met with over 300 persons from St Paul since the beginning of our adventure. I am very receptive to the feedback that I have heard and the love that we all share for Saint Paul as well as the issues that I have heard regarding the current administration and the need for change.

I am also concerned as you all have expressed, the plan for 80 new homes in the Malvan, the loss of the children’s playground on La Courtine, and the difficult access to the Remparts (especially for parents with strollers and handicapped individuals), and I refuse to see our taxes increase while investment in infrastructure decreases substantially.

I would like to establish a system whereby communication between you and the local administration is open and accessible in order to respond to your issues.

Major decisions regarding the future of Saint Paul should include all of us, not just a clique as is the current situation.

I love Saint-Paul and am available to discuss any issues you have, and I am proposing a program that has ambition and coherence to make for a better future for Saint Paul.

One man alone can’t do it all. I  am proud to present to you the team that will be part of this adventure. This team truly represents Saint-Paul in terms of ages, experience and competencies. Our team is composed of native Saint- Paulois living here for several generations with a strong link to social support associations, as well as experienced young people with international talent and experience. This mix will allow us to build an ambitious future for the village while retaining its traditions and history. 

We have been working since the beginning of 2019 to create a program that is ambitious yet realistic and will have this plan published by early 2020. The program will be focused on 12 items that are currently being  developed with experts for the various issues being explored.

You can contact any member of our team should you have any questions or comments. We want to be able to work together for a better future for Saint-Paul.

Jean-Paul Faure


Michel ALERS

Manager of a car dealership. Member of a support group for a village in Madagascar.

As I am in love with our village and an altruistic person, I wish to devote my time to St Paul and its preservation.



Engineer for public works. Responsible for infrastructure equipment at the departmental level. President of a Building and Public Works company. President of a sports club. Member of a local association. Member of a service club.

The inertia of the current municipal administration led me to want to join the team and actively participate in developing a harmonious future for St Paul inclusive and respectful of the desires of the people who live here.


Sandrine BOBOTH

Masters degree in criminal and privacy law. I have lived and worked in Canada. Actively involved in the school parents’ association.

I wish to improve the quality of life in St Paul as well as to expand its international status.



French and New Zealander. Manager for a guesthouse. Member of a sports association.

Our village is rich in history, culture with a great international reputation. We need to manage this uniqueness that we are fortunate to have, carefully and effectively.



Bank Director

We recently moved here and love it. I wish to contribute and participate in the project developments for St Paul as the future is built today. The involvement of younger generations is critical to achieve our goals.


Véronique EXPOSITO

Manager in Public Services, education sector. Responsible;e for some activities in a sports club.

I wish to work to protect the rights of children and their involvement in their own education and to protect the environment through our daily activities.



Municipal Councillor responsible for youth and liaison to the department; responsible qualified person representing the department for youth. 

I am totally confident that JP Faure has all the competencies needed to revamp St Paul to where it should be.


Pascal DALLO

Horticulturalist. Vice president for the local Groupama Mediterranee (an insurance agency).

I come from several generations of horticulturalists in St Paul and joined the team in order to contribute to improvements for our village while respecting its history and traditions.


Marie-France DALMAS

Psychologist in a hospital Psychiatry Department.

With my background as hospital psychologist and as mediator for internal issues, I propose to link art and social endeavors. I will support social inter-generational solidarity with respect for local and international cultures that bring their richness to St Paul. 



Businessman. Company head. Entrepreneur.

Having more spare time, I would like to contribute to life in St Paul.



Co-manager and chef of Le Caruso restaurant in St Paul. Founder and President of the St Paul association of artists and businesses.

Having fallen in love with St Paul, I wish to invest time and contribute to the benefit of our community.



Law and Economics Professor. Businesswoman in St Paul for 21 years.

I feel ready to use my experience and competencies to contribute for a better life together in St Paul.


Delphine GUYOT

Civil Engineer, student/parent representative, sports club member

We are able today to launch  Saint-Paul with a new spirit and more energy. I think that from the very young to the very old, all of us living in St Paul should feel responsible and be part of life in St Paul. We need to build something together- our challenge.



Communication:responsible for sport activities

I’ve been living in the Malvan area for the last 5 years. My experience in communication and social work will allow me to fulfill the role of municipal counselor and help with the strategy for local tourism. I joined this team as I share the vision that JP Faure has expressed with a greater transparency and management for our village.


Benjamin LE JAN

Co-founder of a co-working space, manages a communication agency and school parent. 

Support of daily life in St Paul and to develop democratic  participation of St Paul is my goal.



Professor; Academic Inspector;President of the Legion d’Honneur association, and administrator for the Friends of the Maeght Foundation

I would like to give what Saint-Paul has given me. A « joie de vivre » and community support.



Political Science and law degree. I worked in a large community and  was then attaché to parliament. Specialized in the financing of large projects and have had responsibilities in student associations. 

I am 36 years old and work in management for the legal department of a pharmaceutical company. I am the father of 2 Saint Paul children who are 4 & 7 years old. I am very involved in the school programs and wish to get more involved in local politics in order that our children thrive and can grow in a prosperous and lively community. It is important for me that our exceptional village be well managed with ambition and vision, while being inclusive.



I am married to a Saint-Paulois and moved here in 1983. I worked as a professional multilingual translator and guide for a few years and then stopped to raise my 4 children yet helping my artist husband in his artist’s studio. I have observed the changes in tourism over time and I feel that I can provide JP Faure’s team experience and competence for his vision for Saint-Paul in order to have a welcoming site yet livable home for those of us who live here permanently. 



Teacher/School Inspector

Vocational training.

I would like to be actively involved in decisions made for our village making sure that they reflect what the people want. I enjoy making sure that the operational work is carried out with attention to quality and transparency as well as creating a social network for mutual benefit. I hope to improve the quality of life for all and our team is composed of members who can do this.




Lawyer trained in world-renown law firms

Worked 2 years at the bar in Nice

Working with JP Faure and his team, I wish to represent the interests of all of those in Saint-Paul with rigor, passion and drive in order that our beautiful village remain  attractive and where all ages and generations can mix together safely and in harmony .



Isabelle MARTIN

Engineer at IBM, Involved for several years in school parent association.

I joined the team « Tomorrow in St Paul » to contribute on topics close to my heart- the environment, mobility, and city planning.




Lawyer specialized in real estate and social rights. Previously Councillor on Marius Isert’s team. Parent of a schoolchild.

I decided to join the « Tomorrow in St Paul » team in order to contribute to the community where I have lived all my life. The team is very diverse yet with common goals and vision, that is to work for a better future with transparent oversight, effective management of expenses, working in a collaborative and participatory environment, in a truly democratic system that listens to the needs of the population.



Jean – Paul FAURE

Manager in an international company- worked in an association specialized in the utilization of less polluting energy- regional oversight for a social club- involved in the sports association of St Paul.

St Paul needs a new outlook. The lack of ambition and management style of the current administration is appalling. In light of this, I can’t help but want to roll up my sleeves and get things to change. It helps that I am fortunate enough to have a team that is both competent and experienced as you can see for yourselves. I love St Paul where I have now lived for about 10 years and my goal is to give back to the community that has given me such pleasure.

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